04 October 2003
Dwakn Consulting

I should have posted this a couple of months back, but anyway here it is.

Dwakn Consulting has been formed (see the post below). We are currently working very hard on an application for the US market (windows, C# & VB.NET) as well as a web application for a local organisation (PHP). Probably not a good idea to take on two projects at once, but it seems to be working.

So have a look at our website. Come on, I know you want to :)

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17 May 2003
Back again

Yay! Back in Cape Town, only problem is that I am going from one winter to the next...oh well, what can you do.

Going through the process of getting a business going (I refuse to work in a cubicle for some company), we are going to concentrate on software development for windows (probably C#, not 100% sure yet), and the web - websites and applications (PHP, MySQL etc. obviously).

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13 December 2002
Chilling in Aspen

Since I am now in Aspen, working on the Ski-lifts, there will probably not be many updates for the next four months, but I will be available via e-mail.

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